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Entry #3

Just When Everything Was Making Sense...

2009-02-05 21:12:34 by Helix6

After a long hiatus, I'm going to try to make a comeback. A few months ago I was ready to get married, get locked into work, have the cars, buy the house, blah, blah, blah.... That's now over. I'm single - no license - don't know where I will live. But - this is an opportunity to rediscover myself, and rebuild. I hope I can get back to my original passion - writing music. Expect a new post soon. I am going to try to start from the ground up and find the skills I have lost over the last year. I know I can still write - and now I have the circumstances and time to inspire it. I hope those who've been following my music will come back and check to see what's next!


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2009-02-05 21:27:45

fuck you up the ass buddy!


2009-02-06 09:49:55

We'll in that case I won't bother getting ahold of Sam and getting my headphones back...

If you're writing music, they are all yours.


P.S. I'm looking forward to some aggressive beats!


2009-02-08 21:29:37

oh my god you're alive
sorry to hear about all that garbage


2009-02-10 16:46:53

It's always good to hear that you're making music, even if the circumstances are less than desirable.


2009-02-12 15:08:25

I'm sorry for the circumstances that you're in. I hope you'll get through well.
But please, make some awesome tunes during the progress! I know you can ;)


2009-02-15 01:08:39

hey sorry about what happened glad ur making music again


2009-02-15 16:55:59

I'm glad you arent giving up bro. Dont ever forget that if you give up on what you love doing, you cant really be happy at all. Good luck recovering, and i hope to hear your new stuff soon. :)


2009-02-18 22:57:11

YES! Well, all of that sucks...sorry to hear it man. BUT I AM SO GLAD THAT YOU ARE GOING TO SUBMIT AGAIN.

You are the only source I can seem to find of this style of music, and it is great. Can't wait to hear the next post. I'll be waiting, and checking.


P.S. NG seems to be gaining gradual corporate acceptance too, as you know better than me. Goodluck out there. I don't really know how to say what I mean to say, but good luck.


2009-02-21 01:39:25

If you need to find a good job, I'm sure there's plenty of money to be made out of your awesome music. I'd try and get into the gaming industry somehow; there's a lot of money to be made there, and your style of music seems to fit a lot of games pretty well. Particularly violent ones. =D
And despite the current "Economic Crisis", the gaming industry seems to have grown a hell of a lot in the past year especially, so there's bound to be a lot of work to be done. So, looking forward to hearing more from you, in the literal sense as well. ;)


2009-02-21 14:31:12

I'd tell ya I love ya but I ain't that kind of guy! You have just made my day man, I mean I'm sorry for all the problems and everything, but you going to be making NEW MATERIAL! I listen to your music every day and it'll be so awesome to have some new tunes to add to the library. So once again , good to have ya back buddy!


2009-02-24 15:28:36

Yes!! Thank god you are alive, of course, i am sorry for all that shit that happened, but finally you are back! I will be excpecting some good shit from you now bro!


2009-02-24 15:36:30

why not?


2009-02-26 21:28:31

Ouch, sorry to hear its been a rough time lately. Can't wait to hear your new music again though. You are one of my favorite artists here, and your industrial gets me pumped up! Good luck with everything.


2009-02-28 21:36:33



2009-03-06 15:33:14

Hey, great to see you back! Although I can't say I'm glad in what state. Kind of sucks not having gotten the life you first wanted. Good luck on your future endeavours!

Oh and I'll be voting a few fives. Too bad your songs got down-voted (please ignore those zero voters, a lot of artists left because of those morons).

Hoping to hear more industrial goodness from you soon!


2009-03-06 17:31:51

Will be and always will be following your stuff, regardless of the bumps.


2009-03-06 22:22:08

I hear ya dude, rock on. (in a humble sense)


2009-03-11 01:42:44

can't wait for the first comeback track
hope things are startn to look up for ya


2009-03-20 16:05:53

Oh my god. I'm sorry to hear about what happened :( But I am uber excited for your comeback!!!


2009-03-30 19:19:15

Wow Helix6, I have been looking all over for you, but I thought you were gone forever!
I added you on AIM, so hopefully if you ever get on we can talk.

I really love your music ( could you tell?) and I hope you will continue to give Industrial its true name.

You are on the level (if not above) that of Frank Klepacki, Sonic Mayhem, and Turmion Kätilöt.
The only person that I have seen come close to your amazing perfection of Industrial sound is Realfaction (from newgrounds).

I would be very sad if you were to call it quits, because there is no one else that can emulate your style. Hell you could make some serious money with your music, why not try creating a CD and putting it up on iTunes?


2009-04-16 11:56:56

sorry for what happened but you got your loyal fans.
thats something to smile about right. right?


2009-04-17 13:06:46

Awww I'm sorry to hear you're having a hard time, don't give up, I'm here cause I was checking on my fav artists, transform the bad energy into good musical energy, you'll get through it all and time does heal!
Cheers man


2009-04-22 02:24:36

Your stuff is awesome man lookin forward =]


2009-04-25 22:15:21

Sometimes bad things happen in your favor, in pursuing what you love!


2009-05-06 17:49:16

Well I'm eager


2009-06-15 05:06:48

i canadmire how u dont let something like that bring you down but instead strengthens you in other ways


2009-06-20 14:25:13

You rise, you fall, your down, then you rise again
What don't kill you make you more strong

(Lyrics from "Broken, beat & scarred - Metallica")


2009-07-14 00:58:56

Awesome! I'll have something to listen to while I play FPS's again. Would be great for COD MW2 coming out in November.

Seriously though get comfortable first off, unless stress causes you to write music, and doing so soothes you.


2009-07-21 04:50:16

May God be with you my friend.


2009-07-22 20:16:18

Most of that sucks but it's great that you're taking a positive outlook on it and I wish you the best of luck.

PS: Love the music!


2009-07-28 03:25:45

I don't understand why you aren't getting as many reviews as you used to.

Your tracks are really underrated.


2009-08-19 18:43:58

All 3 of my room mates which of are my 3 closest friends have all been down the divorce road. And now their all single, I was the smart one and decided that it's best to never get tied down with a woman. My defense to it all is "Love is a cruel joke with no punch line." It's best not to be the ass end of it.


2009-10-08 15:25:44

November was just awesome! Keep em' coming.


2009-10-11 12:48:45

maybe it's time for Entry #4 ;D


2009-10-13 00:52:14

I still have your song "Archetype" on my old ass iRiver which I downloaded when I've just joined NG.

I'm glad you've come back, and I will definitely keep an eye on your new works!


2009-11-06 16:10:17

Good to hear you're making music again. Allow me to say that I think your creations are fantastic. Sorry to hear about your troubles.


2010-05-23 17:16:05

i swear, if you just a got a record deal... i can imagine you touring the world, being loved everywhere, and of course, being chased by hordes of schoolgirls XD your music is amazing, out of all the music in the world yours is my favorite, hands down.


2010-07-30 04:12:59

We're waiting for some more awesomeness! Please come back, or at least say when you'll be back :P In the mean time I'll hope you didn't commit suicide or something.


2010-08-13 02:35:56

Hey, we're all waiting for your next track! Don't tell me you've left NG behind :(


2011-01-21 09:49:55

Is/was your address 1919 Port Street?


2011-05-04 22:28:40

Please come back man, i love your music so much.


2011-05-31 00:47:40

that sucks, I feel bad for you.


2012-01-26 01:58:58

man.... that has got to suck.. good luck out there man.. and its good to have you back on newgrounds. youve got some amazing work


2012-09-24 16:43:55

I am not going to say some bullshit like "i am sorry it didn't work out", since i dont know the cirtumstances. I am just going to say that a guy as talentet as you is never run entirely out of luck. You have amazing skill, and no amount of time or social turmoil can take that away from you.
Really looking forward to seeing what new stuff you can put out.

Best of luck.


2013-01-04 17:23:10

tell me what happen to him?


2013-01-15 14:18:46

No one knows what happened to him. His profile had a picture, I don't know if he removed it or it simply disappeared.
I just hope he's alive and okay.


2013-02-15 13:17:21

I really hope you are okay. Life can be a bitch, but I hope you're still alive...


2013-03-02 00:31:08

Yeah... I could tell a complete difference between your songs before and after this post. Your music previously inspired me to fight or rise up against something unjust, now it seems a lot sadder and slower. As a musician, I know writing that music didn't make you feel any better. Ans as a writer, I can read this message and see you trying to simply overpower your emotions by yourself. I commend you for trying, but that is like trying to douse a fire with gasoline.

The reason I make music is so that when people hear it, they can understand me and my emotions despite the distances separating us. You have several people in this string of comments who understand and care for you despite that distance, so I think you succeeded. Hopefully you didn't commit suicide after uploading your last two sad (good) songs at the same time.

If you were to just play the guitar on the street, after a few months, you would have learned the guitar (if you didn't know it already), and earned a following. If you were to email some gaming companies to see if they wanted you, you would again have a job. If you joined hiking, scuba, or other groups, you would have a new life. If you talked to your friends or relatives, you could stay at their place. And at 29, after your friends helped you get over your problems, you could start dating.

Humans are the only beings that make life humane. So talk to people.


2013-05-04 06:38:50

To the post below me: I think his most recent submissions are supposed to be much older than his other tracks on here. Notice that they come with the comment "New old music."


2014-07-31 08:37:46

Helix6 as one of your admirers im obligated to say. Im waiting and frequently checking for you and your music. i hope that you've only lost internet connection for a time and you are ok.

P.S. to blackduckie
and i thought Helix used samples from old ones to create new.