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Awww I'm sorry to hear you're having a hard time, don't give up, I'm here cause I was checking on my fav artists, transform the bad energy into good musical energy, you'll get through it all and time does heal!
Cheers man

Your stuff is awesome man lookin forward =]

Sometimes bad things happen in your favor, in pursuing what you love!

Well I'm eager

i canadmire how u dont let something like that bring you down but instead strengthens you in other ways

You rise, you fall, your down, then you rise again
What don't kill you make you more strong

(Lyrics from "Broken, beat & scarred - Metallica")

Awesome! I'll have something to listen to while I play FPS's again. Would be great for COD MW2 coming out in November.

Seriously though get comfortable first off, unless stress causes you to write music, and doing so soothes you.

May God be with you my friend.

Most of that sucks but it's great that you're taking a positive outlook on it and I wish you the best of luck.

PS: Love the music!

I don't understand why you aren't getting as many reviews as you used to.

Your tracks are really underrated.

All 3 of my room mates which of are my 3 closest friends have all been down the divorce road. And now their all single, I was the smart one and decided that it's best to never get tied down with a woman. My defense to it all is "Love is a cruel joke with no punch line." It's best not to be the ass end of it.

November was just awesome! Keep em' coming.

maybe it's time for Entry #4 ;D

I still have your song "Archetype" on my old ass iRiver which I downloaded when I've just joined NG.

I'm glad you've come back, and I will definitely keep an eye on your new works!

Good to hear you're making music again. Allow me to say that I think your creations are fantastic. Sorry to hear about your troubles.

i swear, if you just a got a record deal... i can imagine you touring the world, being loved everywhere, and of course, being chased by hordes of schoolgirls XD your music is amazing, out of all the music in the world yours is my favorite, hands down.

We're waiting for some more awesomeness! Please come back, or at least say when you'll be back :P In the mean time I'll hope you didn't commit suicide or something.

Hey, we're all waiting for your next track! Don't tell me you've left NG behind :(

Is/was your address 1919 Port Street?

Please come back man, i love your music so much.

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