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No news is good news!

Posted by Helix6 - March 11th, 2008

Hmm... NewGrounds suggested posting some sort of news post - so I guess I will let everyone know what is going on with me... I am currently trying to transition from a Production Management to Operations Management position at work, while still working closely with executives and my own team. This is generally a 60+ hour per week investment, as it has been since 2006. Also, I am trying to get the stereo all set up in my 4Runner, not to mention getting ready to paint my Solara - so I have a ton of car work to do. I have however been blowing most of my time playing with guns (new Glock, Rock River AR-15, and night-vision). Went shooting this weekend (off-road in the 4Runner) for about 6 hours with a couple buddies and it was awesome - shot pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Got to love Oregon.

Things are generally relaxed otherwise. My terror threat level is "Guarded" right now. I am conserving ammunition pending a Clinton, McCain, or Obama election. Any one of those is a lose for America. Obviously the economy is tanking, thus I am trying to convert my dollar savings into useful "currency;" firearms, ammunition, food, gold/silver etc. Most people think this is crazy, but we really are on the downswing. On a brighter note, I am thinking about buying a house soon, "just-in-case" everything doesn't go to shit.

Anyway, I'll post again soon!


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I can't believe you can write this much about nothing, haha, seems things are happening though. Good luck with the work! That's a lot of time spent.

Chyeah. Well good to see that you're doing something productive for the current landslide the economoy is in.

I agree with YavonnaHugstand.


Build a nuclear bunker while you're at it.

Here in the Netherlands we're following the American elections from a distance. Can't get much worse after 8 years of Bush right? Time that damn war in the Middle East ended.

Problem is you can't just 'pull out'... shit's just too complicated for that. The first smart non-ideological solution has yet to be presented.

it's better to write about ur music making news --'

hey baby, I can't believe I missed a new song from you and its been out two months I feel lame

I asked my mom and she said you can live with me